I'm a Thai girl who've got beautiful long black hair. I came to Sydney because I want to find new experiences that i've never had in Thailand.

I like to learn languages. In spare time I like to watch korean movie and be a photographer.

I work as a waitress in @bangkok restuarant.

I think everyday in Sydney is fantastic for me.

Anyway, "Action speaks loder than words" is my motto. It's true^__^.

Profile data

Name Kanokwan
Nick name TODDY
Age 26
Birthday 29/04/1982
Starsign -
Nationality Thai
Hometown Budapest
Job at home QC controller
Job in Australia Waitress
Date joined IELTS class 01/11/08
Finishing date 12/12/08
IELTS test date -
Target IELTS score -
Interests Photography, korean movies, coffee and travelling
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