These are the lovely students of our IELTS class.

Current Students

  • Istvan- Hungarian architect with heaps of tattoos
  • Alexis - beautiful and nice Korean girl, who likes to show us the latest Korean fashion
  • Alex- fun Ukrainian guy who loves the Black Sea
  • Olga- Russian girl

*Hassan- Jordanian handsome man full of hope and love

  • CS-Genuine and trustworthy Korean guy
  • Rabi -peaceful and wonderful


Former Students

Let us be considerate, and mention the former members of this very special group:

  • Gabor - from Hungary, the incarnation of Kindness itself, but with a secret catchphrase : "I'm gonna club you into virtue".
  • Krystal - our resident Filipino super-model
  • Odat - Our very nice fellow from Jordan.
  • P-Dang - fantastic singer and performer from Thailand, where she is a renowned children tamer (teacher).
  • Planta - amazing Brazilian computer whizz
  • Ginny - guy from India, but we were not sure what he does. Our agents inform that he used to wear a fancy turbant before joining the class, but he is still the true impersonation of a Mystery.
  • The Incredible Kuk - member of the IELTS Avengers faction, she left us all to miss her very much (especially P-Dang), but once in a while she comes in to say hello.
  • Dinda - A 100%-attendant IELTS student in regular hours, but a hacker and virtual house builder during leisure times. One could still find her visiting NASA's and Pentagon's databases after 1.30pm on the 5th floor.
  • Kookie - holds a personal record for leaving IELTS after 2 days.
  • Vic - our most beloved Indonesian guy. Legend has it that he is a necromancer capable of talking to the Indonesian zombies.
  • Du Ri - sweet Korean girl, who left IELTS to pursue her dreams of whipping subordinates as a Business Administrator.
  • Ivy - Gorgeous, but far too brief.
  • Our dearest Deer (well, I've hardly met her, but I couldn't miss the pun)
  • Claire - crazy long haired thai girl
  • Eyas - bald jordanian student
  • TODDY - excellent student from Thailand who is a pretty and smart girl ^_^
  • Bing - good student from China who is a handsome guy as well^_^
  • Rafi - good student from Jordan who is a gentleman as well^_^
  • Off - New generation guy with liberal ideas
  • Lydia - a student from China
  • Felix - Crazy and funny Indonesian student

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