Profile Data

Name Krystal D. Langit
Nickname Kryz
Birthdate April. 28 1980
Age 28
Starsign Taurus
Nationality Filipino
Hometown Bellevue Hill Sydney, Makati City, Quezon City, Baguio City, Coron Palawan Philippines
Email Add moc.oohay|32zyrk_ytterp#moc.oohay|32zyrk_ytterp & moc.liamtoh|tignalzyrk#moc.liamtoh|tignalzyrk
Other Web Page Krystal Lodge
Other Web Space moc.ecapsym|62lvd_zyrk#moc.ecapsym|62lvd_zyrk, moc.oohay|32zyrk_ytterp#moc.oohay|32zyrk_ytterp (Facebook & Friendster)
Chatting time moc.oohay|32zyrk_ytterp#moc.oohay|32zyrk_ytterp & moc.liamtoh|tignalzyrK#moc.liamtoh|tignalzyrK
Occupation Business Resort Owner/ General Manager, Student
Date joined IELTS Class 25 March 2008
Finishing Date 8 August 2008

About me

Krystal is a lucky girl:

  • loves fashion especially clothes, jewelries and shoes!!! whatta bloody life she has! haha! =)
  • she controll people for some reasons that she need to let other to be the same as her style =) ( doesnt make sense eih??? )
  • she doesnt care about anything if she dont want
  • she is complicated when it comes to love life, etc!
  • shes always not paying attention whenever people are approaching her, damn!
  • she cant live without her Ipod, laptop and cellphones
  • she's cute! wow! =)
  • she's family oriented
  • she loves travelling
  • bloody hella loves socializing with the VIP people =) (<- smiley for VIP people only. You're not included, you bloody peasant. >=o6 )
  • sweet
  • having a long patience
  • she's into serious relationship
  • she's funny to be with
  • loves beach
  • hanging around with only beautiful people in the Club!!! cheers! =)
  • love doing her nail coloured polish, in fashion all the time! geez!!!
  • she's annoying sometimes, never get tired of pleasing u when she was asking u something =)
  • she's club addicted, always chilling around with her Vip pals…
  • she's friendly
  • she's whiny (can u tell?)
  • she's adventurous
  • she has belly piercing
  • she hate tatoos but love henna
  • she's nature lover
  • she need more connections to government
  • she love to laugh
  • shes hard to get
  • she is easy to please when you asked her some help =)
  • shes enjoying her weekends by shopping fashion stuffs…..
  • she has lotsa shoes and fashion coloured bags ( beat that!? )
  • she's religious! vow! =)
  • she's always wanted to go in a places that people cant follow her =)
  • loves business socializing

PHILIPPINES most fabulous places:


Philippine Clubs

  • Embassy Super Club
  • Prince Of Jaipur
  • Ascend
  • Dolce'


( where i usually hangout )

  • IVY
  • Argyle
  • moulin rouge
  • Opera Bar
  • Arq

test results

Date Test Score

1 july (reading) holiday

sorry i missed out! =(


papal visit

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