Testing testing 1, 2, 3

So. Hello, I am Planta.

Nick name PLANTA
Name Gerald0 Itagib@ de Andr@de <- learn children, you never leave your full name in plain text format on public-readable pages, if you care about Internet privacy or being found by Google/whatever. I do, so I scramble a little. Same for e-mail : always change @ for [] or "at". =)
Age Whatever you calculate from 08/09/1982
Birthday 08th of September - yes, give me gifts, hand me the merchandise, c'mon c'mon
Starsign Virgo - Superstitious, I do believe in the Zodiac. Don't judge me. Naaaahahah, not really. I couldn't care the less about (ok, Uranus would be such a vulgar joke) Jupiter's position: go study some Physics, and learn that planets can only emit you photons, gravitons, etc, none of which can make you luckier.
Nationality Brazil
HomeTown Sao Paulo
Job at home Whichever job pays me well. Hired killing, organ trading, private teaching and computing-related jobs included.
Job in Australia A happy and lucky office assistant at the very Strathfield College, out of class time.
Date joined IELTS 09/April/2008
Finishing Date 18/July/2008
IELTS test date Not taking the test, just improving my English 'round here… What, do YOU have to go through all the trouble and pressure of taking it? HA!
Target IELTS score 8.0 - hohoho
Interests Only 5%/month - but be a good debtor, or else my thugs will surely as hell pay you a visit.

Australia is a funny country

Hell yeah. I'm laughing.

IELTS Test Results

Date Test Score
01/07/2008 Reading 33
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