Basic information

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Population 92 Million +
Language Tagalog/English
Religion Christian/etc
Culture Spanish Colonial & Americanized
Capital Manila
Climate hot, humid, tropical
Government Hunitary presidential constitutional republic
Main industries agriculture, manufacturing, mining, remittances

The Philippines is known as " The Pearl of the Orient Sea". because they have 7, 107 Islands when its high tide and plus few islands when its low tide. Three Island groups called "Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao". in these area where the people are attached in their local language or dialects. The Philippines is rich in natural resources..

The pearling industy is traditional activity. Palawan Island in Luzon region located in Brookes Point Palawan where you can find the " Biggest Pearl in the World".

Religion festival is also included as one of the most traditional activity. In Luzon Island we have the big parade float called "Flower Festival" located in the Philippine coldest city, Baguio City. Where many tourist from other countries are watching this big event.

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