Welcome everybody to my page!


I am a kind student from China.
I like watching TV, reading books, eating, swimming and so on.
If I have enough time and money, I will travel around the world.
I'm always studying English, but I don't speak well, because I dislike it. Why are there so many people have to speak English?
If I were powerful, everyone would speak one language-Chinese.
If you can study Chinese, pls contact me.

Profile data

Name Lydia
Nick name Lydia
Age 30
Birthday 11/11/1978
Nationality Chinese
Hometown Bei Jing
Job at home HR Supervisor
Job in Australia None
Date joined IELTS class 25/11/08
Finishing date 25/1/09
IELTS test date -
Target IELTS score 6.5
Interests playing the piano, reading books



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