Useful Grammar for IELTS


You dance TO a type of music.
Don't just read it and leave it forgotten. Say it. Say it now, to your self, . "She was dancing so beautifully to the Prom waltz."


Love to dance or love dancing?

Some expressions accept only gerunds.
I love dancing. V
I love to dance. X
Other expressions accept both gerunds and infinitive.
I like dancing. V
I like to dance. V

One can read tons of rules that try to cover and explain the cases.
But another way, approached here, would be to memorize the cases that demand gerunds only and just relax about everything else, learning with the fewer and fewer mistakes.

keep continue to do Candy keeps missing classes.
go on continue She can't go on missing attendance marks like this!
enjoy like, have fun with, get pleasure from Maybe Candy enjoys staying at home better.
put off postpone, delay I hope she doesn't put off studying IELTS contents until the last minutes before the test.
mind worry about Actually I think she won't take the IELTS test, maybe that's why she doesn't really mind coming to classes.
give up stop trying Put yourself in her shoes, wouldn't you give up attending classes as well?
can't stand really don't like and don't want to continue dealing with Well, maybe she just can't stand studyng with us.
finish complete something entirely, until the end of it Or maybe she's just finished learning everything she really wanted.
avoid But she can't avoid needing increasingly more knowledge and learning through life.
imagine Just imagine yourself getting stuck with what you know now, without ever assimilating anything new.
risk Ah, Candy is just too smart to risk becoming a dull, never-growing person.
fancy I'm sure she simply fancies experiencing things other than English classes in a school, so she just plays the truant.
consider think about, with a tendency for actually doing I confess sometimes I consider doing the same.
admit Yes, I admit having these thoughts.
deny But if you ask me in public, I'll have to deny answering, because I can't lie, but I'm also too shy to confess.
suggest I strongly suggest you not doing so.
regret You will regret having asked me.
without And you will regret without me even punching your kidnee out of anger for your indiscretion with the secrets I'm sharing with you.
despite Yes, you will regret it, despite me doing nothing physical.
instead of Because instead of acting through sheer violence, I'll rather embarass you in front of everybody by pretending I don't even know what you're talking about. You'll look like a liar, or some crazy unreliable wacko, and nobody will ever talk to you again and you'll have to move from town and become gothic-depressive until you cut your wrists out of despairing loneliness. But hey, no pressure. It's just up to you, keeping the secret that I'm not such a dedicated student. As for Candy, well, she's enjoying herself, ain't she? Good for everybody then. And remember children, like my uncle Tony The Wrench wisely said to me right before going to jail with his Mob : "silence is gold". Cheers.
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