Welcome to my page!


I 'm from Indonesia, 29 years old
my first language is Indonesian
I like to eat, especially Claire's food, beacuse Claire cooks very delicious,
Japanese food is my favourite,
I don't like watching horor films because it's scary and I don't like to be scare
I love Australia, but not Australian food.

Profile data

Name Felix
Nick name Felix the cat
Age 29
Birthday 10/06/1979
Starsign Gemini
Nationality Indonesian
Hometown Surabaya
Job at home Graphic designer
Job in Australia Chef, Sales Assistant
Date joined IELTS class 09/06/08
Finishing date 12/12/08
IELTS test date next 5 years??
Target IELTS score 10??
Interests sports, hunting, cooking, watching movies



Sports like everything except golf, cricket, hockey.


Cook and eat everything especially monkey brains

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