Eyas , I am a pharmacist from Jordan I am 28 years, 186 cm tall with long blond hair, blue eyes ….so attractive :)


My hobbies are horse riding, golf ,surfing, workout, modeling, eating kids at breakfast, swimmimg in blood, gambling when don't have any money
My favourite movie is "Beautiful Mind"


My motto is "no pain no gain"

Profile data

Name eyas haddadin
Nick name eyas
Age 28
Birthday 30/03/1980
Starsign Aries
Nationality Jordanian
Hometown Madaba
Job at home pharmacist
Job in Australia no job
Date joined IELTS class 18/11/2008
Finishing date 11/01/2009
IELTS test date -
Target IELTS score -
Interests drinking, gambling
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