Basic data

Official name Federative Republic of Brazil
Government Republic
Flag flag-of-brazil.jpg
Location / map Check this out!
Population ~185 million (2007)
Capital Brasilia (Not Rio de Janeiro!) (Not Buenos Aires in Argentina!)
Language Brazilian Portuguese
Religion Mainly Roman Catholicism, with skyrocketing Evangelism
Climate Mainly tropical, with subtropical and equatorial regions
Main economic activities Export agriculture, with fairly developed industry
Famous people Pele (historical soccer player), Ronaldinho (current soccer player), Tom Jobim (historical Bossa Nova musician), Carmen Miranda (historical Holliwood character, "tower of fruits" hat)
It's famous for… Frigging football/soccer, Amazon forest, Rio de Janeiro, Carnival/samba, Bossa Nova music, caipirinha (rum+sugar+lemon+ice drink), capoeira (martial art), feijoada (dish)
Tourist attractions Rio de Janeiro city, Amazon Forest, Pantanal Forest, Chapada dos Guimaraes, NorthEastern beaches, Iguacu Falls
Culture elements Warmth and cheerfulness. Political apathy, frivolity (refer to "It's famous for" section), exagerated lust; a bit of personal low cunning and laziness.

Planta's personal impressions : "I come from Brazil".

Yes. Brazil. Everything you hear about it is true : indigenous people hunt monkeys and lions on the streets, but the animals hide too easily among the omnipresent trees.

Everybody gets robbed and shot and stabbed, necessarily in this order of events, on a daily basis. The survivors spend their leisure time switching between dancing carnival samba and playing soccer, even the elderly and the babies. But naked.

Picture everything and everybody before-mentioned naked; indigenous, elderly, stabbers, monkeys, even the goddamned trees (for we merrily burn them), just naked. If female, naked and horny.

What can I say? I love the place. Don't be fooled by my humour about our national problems : if there is chaos there, I'm going back and helping to save it. Despite the chaos, our people is still warm and cheerful - and there's some beauty in this kind toughness, it's just a shame it is accompanied by the idiotic apathy that renders us chaotic forever.

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