Acwt1 Papal Visit Planta

On Thursday the 17th of July 2008, the Pope - world leader of the Apostolic Catholic Church - will take a boatacade around the Sydney Harbour, ensued by a motorcade around the main area of the city. The motorcade will include some of the city's most famous spots, its CBD, and will end at St Mary's Cathedral.
The motorcade will be awaiting the Pope's arrival from the boatacade at Barangaroo, and once he joins it, it will head to Hickson Rd through the pier area. After following Hickson Rd along Walsh Bay, it will pass by the Harbour Bridge, continuing onto the top of George St.
It will then take the Pope back to the Circular Quay area along Loftus St, Alfred St. and Albert St., going along the harbour until it reaches the famous Sydney Opera House. Following the shoreline, the motorcade will travel into the Royal Botanical Gardens, doing a circuit of its northern peninsular area and then heading south-west to take a circuit around the Domain.
Instead of going directly to its final and very close destination, the motorcade will take a longer detour, going back northwards to take the Cahill Expressway shortly to the left, and then Macquarie St. to the left, which finally points the Pope back southwards to St. Mary's Cathedral, until he reaches it.

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