About Hungary

About Hungary

About the Hungarian cuisine:

Probably the most famous dish to come from Hungary is the paprika laced meat stew known as gulyás (goulash) – the name actually means "herdsmen" and came to be associated with the meat stew the herdsmen ate. Kettle gulyás (Bogrács gulyás) evolved from being a shared hearty soup cooked in a kettle on the Great Plain, to later become an aristocratic specialty. Interestingly, two hundred years ago when Hungary took a stand to protect its language, culture and gastronomy, gulyás became a symbol of the proud nation and everyone ate it - rich and poor. They still do. And there are variations on the theme – dishes called paprikás, tokány and pörkölt.

Anything that you should know about the Hungarian Gulyas.

Spirits and wines:

The most famous spirits of my country is Unicum, which is made from 40 herb according a secret recipe and Palinka. I have a story that I would like to share with you:

At the time of the discussion European Union the politics of Hungary and Romania took big efforts to get the brand name and the rights of the Palinka, but they can't agree in the origin of the spirit. Then the Hungarian representative opened a Romanian dictionary where they found the next explanation: The "palinca" is Hungarian origin spirit made from fruits with destillation. After that, the questin wasn't question any more.



Different types of Palinkas

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