The Top-Notch of Strathfield College meet, under the blessings of Cooperative Internet


Strathfield College is an English learning centre located in Sydney/Australia, conducing many classes, one of which is for IELTS Preparation - us! This is our Internet/wiki frontend.

Here are some things you need to know:

  • IELTS is all about LYING.
  • Time is your frigging enemy.
  • We all love Andrew, Chifley and Maya.
  • IELTS people don't say "shit", we say "Sugar!"
  • IELTS people don't say just "nice", we say "Great", "Good", "Awesome", "Fantastic", "Spectacular", just pick your favourite.
  • IELTS people don't say "I hate him", they say "He's such an obnoxious individual."

First business, then fun : IELTS-related stuff

FUN! Personal Profiles!

Unveil the darkest secrets of the mighty Strathfield College IELTS Class members :

  • Teachers - our beloved teachers, generous and plentiful source of English language wisdom.
  • Students - the humble apprentices of the ancient techniques for IELTS scoring.

FUN!! Carefree imaginative Countries descriptions!!

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